Monday, April 18, 2011


Since we got back from Mexico it seems like things have been crazy.  We returned to some bad news: Arthur has heart worms.  Not the best news, but we are going to have him treated and he should be fine (we, however, will have to sell the farm to pay for treatment:).  That week I had several assignments due for school, including a hefty paper.  I also had to have some basal cell carcinomas removed that were discovered at a dermatologist visit before we left.

So with all that behind us we were looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

That weekend we had a few firsts.  Friday night we decided to go to the Driller's game.  The new stadium downtown is great and has a lawn area where you can just throw a blanket down.
There's also a playground, which Avery loved.  Hopefully we'll do this more throughout the season.

Saturday was another great day so we decided to head to Riverparks.  We walked a bit, saw the ducks, and Avery showed up that she goes down the slide on her own.

Sunday I was painting my nails and she expressed some interest, so I painted hers too!  She loved it.  She walked around saying "Avery-ry's nail priddy."

Later that evening I decided to give her a sugar-free popsicle.  She'd never had a popsicle so I figured she might enjoy it.  I had to convince her to eat, as she wasn't sure at first.  Maybe since it was SF they added more red coloring?  I don't know.

As the evolution of the popsicle shows, she enjoyed it.

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Summer said...

Poor Arthur. Baby girl is so cute eating a popsicle.