Monday, April 25, 2011

Kansas City 2011

Last weekend, my mom, Avery, and myself took a 3 day weekend to Kansas City.  We had a great time and Avery proved to be a good traveler yet again.  Well, aside from the windshield wipers.  Sigh.

We just turned her car seat forward facing, and I suppose she had never seen windshield wipers before.  She was great on the way there until, about 2.5 hours into the drive, it started raining.  I pulled out the (only for emergencies) pacifier.  Didn't work.  So I gave her the iPhone, which almost always does the trick.  Nope.  As you see, she covered her face with the blanket and peeked out from underneath it just enough to see the phone, while still semi-crying.

After we arrived, we headed to Union Station to see Big Bird's Adventure at the Planetarium.  It was great...until Big Bird appeared on the screen.  Then not so much.  I think she might be scared of her own shadow.  If the sun ever comes back out we'll test that theory...

After the show, everything was all good.  We took her back to the children's museum (where we went last fall) and she had a good time playing and checking things out.

After that we stopped in the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory for a snack.  So good.

Saturday we saw some better weather, and spent the day walking around the Plaza and shopping.  The Plaza had their Easter bunnies out.
She wasn't really scared of them...shocker.

Lots of flowers in bloom.
Sunday, on the way home, we stopped at Powell Botanical Gardens.  Very pretty place.  Over 900 acres, so we didn't see everything.  

They had an enchanted garden exhibit with hand-crafted fairy houses.  

A children's area had a chicken coop for kids to play in as well as tasting gardens, mazes, and lots more.

There was lots of room for Avery to run and jump, which she did for about 2 hours.  It was a great way to end the weekend, and Avery was asleep within about 5 minutes of being back on the road.  

Rob stayed home and did home improvement projects like staining the deck, touch-up painting, cleaning, planting flowers, and putting down new mulch.  I think we got the better end of the deal!  

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