Wednesday, April 13, 2011


...stole our sweet baby and replaced her with an ornery toddler?  Did they think we wouldn't notice?

Instead of going to sleep with a sigh and a smile, this girl cries and screams for 20 minutes.

Instead of mornings made of sugar and spice, they're full of piss and vinegar.

Instead of hugs and kisses she tells us to "beat it." It was real cute when we taught her to tell Arthur that...

Where our baby was fairly obedient, this one literally laughs in the face of discipline.

Instead of asking for something, the new girl cries for it or simply pushes a chair over to the counter to get it herself. 

All in the past couple weeks.

Hello, 2.  You're going to be terrible, aren't you?

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Summer said...

Okay. I may have died laughing at "beat it." It does get easier, but even the best toddler goes through this somewhere between 2-4.