Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crafts and Other Things

So what's been going on at the Thomas house the last couple of weeks?  Well, I crafted a few items.  I started the ornament wreath at Summer's house, but didn't have enough ornaments to finish it.  Yet again, all ideas come from Pinterest.

Ornament Wreath

Advent Calendar

Card Holder Wreath

So that's that.  I'm done crafting for a while.  I think what drives me crazy the most is that I don't really have a place to do it.  If something doesn't have a designated place in our house, it's in the way.  And I can't stand stuff all over the dining table.  Ugh.  Moving on.

Gigi gifted us with the Elf on the Shelf, so we've been having fun with that.  The elf goes back to report to Santa every night, so every morning he's in a different spot for Avery to find when she wakes up.

Sleeping on a present with a dish towel for a blanket

Avery made the naughty list

Sunday night we set out to drive around and look at lights.  As we were leaving, she said "wait!  I have to get my crown!"  Of course.

We were maybe one mile from our house and I looked back to this.

Oops.  A late night the night before, shopping all afternoon with Mimi, no nap, and this is what happens.  Oh, well.

Also, the teachers suggested Avery start wearing underwear to school and we took the guard rail off her bed last night.  Sigh.  Big girl.

Finally, Avery singing Jingle Bells.  Kind of.


Summer said...

You're such a good Mommy, great crafter, and all around fantastic human. I love her Naughty List. That's a great idea. I can only imagine how long the Boys' Naughty List would be any given day. lol.

GiGi said...

Yes you are such a good Mommy!