Friday, February 24, 2012

Boy Clothes

Now that we know we're having a little boy, it's time to move on to the important things like CLOTHES.

I have shown great restraint the last few months, buying no clothes and just a few baby items, all of which barely fill a Target sack.

I'm sure any mother of boys will tell you that the clothing selection is much slimmer for boys than it is for girls, and I have experienced this when buying gifts for friends or family.  Most things are splashed with sayings, tools, animals, trucks, sports, cars, or dinosaurs.  And while I certainly don't mind a bit of that here or there (it would be almost impossible to avoid it altogether), I much prefer simpler, less-busy, even preppier clothing.  There ARE cute boy clothes out there, they're just not found in abundance like girl clothes are.

I couldn't resist going out yesterday evening and picking up a few things for him.

I found these Carter's bodysuits at TJ Maxx.

A little Ralph Lauren romper similar to this, but not this exact color of green, at Ross.

I also got a little polo and short set at Ross, but can't find anything like it online.

I really like Carter's stuff for both boys and girls.  It's soft and well made and it washes well too.  Great stuff for lounging around the house and for daycare.  I have my eye on a few things, such as this:


This is pretty cute.  We might have to have this.  Wish it came in baby blue though.

I'm also a big fan of Old Navy and Gap.  I mean, this is just adorable.

And this?  Love it.

So yeah, I am pretty excited to have a little boy to shop for now.

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