Thursday, February 9, 2012

It's immature to hold a grudge against a 2.5 year-old



Let me start by saying that Avery has recently started a new class at daycare.  The eight oldest kids in the 2 year-old room branched off to be in a separate class with a new teacher. We had mixed feelings about this for a couple reasons.  One: we loved her teachers.  Two: we loved her room.  It was so bright, cheery, organized, and stocked with fun toys and books.  The new room feels "meh." However, the smaller class size is a plus and she moved with all her favorite buddies (namely, Coen and Keile).  Also, they're following the same curriculum set by the other teachers.

Anyway, ever since moving to this classroom, Avery has started frequently not wanting to leave when I arrive to get her.  She occasionally did this before, but is doing it several days a week now.  Basically, I walk in excited to see her and she either runs the other way because she is having so much fun OR she is watching tv and doesn't want to interrupt her show (they get some tv time towards the end of the day).  In case her actions aren't enough, she loudly announces "I don't WANT to go home."  Right...because that's where we torture you.  A few times I've carried a kicking, screaming kid out of daycare.  Which is awesome and not embarrassing at all...

One day last week I told her on the way home that it hurt my feelings when she ran away from me and didn't want to come home.  Her response?  "It doesn't hurt your feelings.  YOU HAPPY!"  I didn't think it sunk in, but the next afternoon she ran up and gave me a hug and said "see? I didn't run away."

Fast forward to this week.  Rob picked her up on Monday due to me getting stuck in traffic and Tuesday because that's a day I work out right after work.  Mind you...she never does this to Rob.  Of course not.  So yesterday I walk in, beaming, and Avery and Keile are watching Dora on the mat.  I swear to you she turned around and glared at me.

Teacher: Avery, your mom is here.

Me: Hi, honey!

Avery: I don't WANT my mommy.  I want my daddy.

Keile: Avery doesn't want you.  She wants her daddy.

Me: Well...I'm it today.  Come on, let's go home.

Avery: I don't want to go home.

I swear the teacher feels sorry for me.  I actually felt a little sorry for me too.

I totally gave her the silent treatment on the way home.  All 3 minutes of it.  I'm pretty sure she didn't notice.

Maybe the next kid will like me.

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