Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bedding & Room Decor

I've been thinking about what colors I want in the baby's room since we found out we were having a boy.  I knew I didn't want a "theme" in his room.  I'm not into cutesy/babyish prints either so finding something I really like has been a little difficult.  I found a few things I loved that were super expensive (champagne taste, beer budget and all that).  I don't want to spend all that much money, even though I think he will get quite a bit of use out of it.  Avery is still using her original bedding (sheets and crib skirt anyway) nearly three years later as she's still in the crib, converted to a toddler bed.

I've kicked around having the main colors be gray and yellow, but questioned whether that was too girly.  I also like gray and green, which seems a bit more boy-ish.  Recently I found this bedding (online) that I think will work well with what I have in mind.

Skip Hop Mod Dot

I will be able to highlight the gray, yellow, and green in other aspects of the room.  I already have gray curtains.  I feel like this will grow with him for the next few years.

They have this at Target, Buy Buy Baby, and I even found the set (new) on Ebay for $140 so I think it's doable.

They also have this set, which is pared down (no bumper) BUT I don't want a brown crib skirt. Which is unfortunate, because I really prefer the price of this one ($120).  The alternative is to buy the sheet separately and have to find a solid crib skirt in either gray or green.  I could definitely do without the bumper and even the blanket.

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Jenn said...

love all of those choices! gray, yellow, green, blue, love them. and those prints are too funny. i just now was reading the ohdeedoh blog and saw that aden and anais makes crib sheets now. who knew? i particularly like this one: