Tuesday, July 17, 2012


My due date.

Months and months ago we assumed we'd be having him (or her) on the 17th, give or take a couple days.

Now he's two and a half weeks old.

Rob went back to work yesterday.  Ben and I are trying to settle into a new routine with just the two of us.  It can be a little lonely for me but of course I'm enjoying my time with him.  Before I know it I'll be back at the office.

We enjoyed our weekend.  My mom came over for a couple of hours Saturday evening and Rob and I went to dinner.

Sunday we enjoyed some time outside.

Ben slept in his room for the first time last night.  He did just fine.  Avery was in her own room from the beginning but we were a little afraid of him crying and waking her up since their rooms are near each other.  Since he has been sleeping so great and only waking up once, and with Rob going back to work and having his alarm go off and getting ready in the morning, we figured it was time to move him to his room.  We'll see how night two goes...

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