Monday, July 9, 2012

Life with Ben, So Far

The past week.  In pictures.

Just napping

Coloring the mailbox

Ben's 1st doctor appointment last Tuesday

At the local school playground

Ben's first sponge bath at home

4th of July

Aunt Lynn and Uncle Drew came over


First trip to Target

More kisses

Silly face

Last Friday

Reading to herself

First neighborhood walk

First lunch for party of four

Happy hour drinks

Silly girl

I know it probably looks like we've been doing a lot, but we really haven't.  The fact of the matter is that Rob and I are not very good homebodies.  We've been making one or two short outings a day.  Ben pretty much sleeps through everything so he's easy to tote around for an hour or two.  We just can't stay home all day every day.  Last week Avery went to daycare but this week she's staying home with us.  Next week Rob will go back to work and Avery will go back to daycare.  Sad face.

We took Ben for his third and final weight check this morning.  He gained the weight he lost after birth and then some.  He is up to 6lbs 3.5oz.

He is doing great in every way.  He sleeps quite a bit (so far, about 4 hour stretches at night).  He doesn't cry much unless he's hungry or getting changed.  He's a sweet baby.  Avery is still doing great with him.  For the most part she carries on with her own activities, but stops to give him a kiss and a hug.  If he cries, she says "it's ok baby brother, don't cry."

I have my follow-up appointment tomorrow.  Physically, I am feeling pretty good.  I am having less and less pain at my incision site every day and I should be released to drive this week.  We're all adjusting to the new addition to our family and trying to find our new groove.

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Erin said...

Glad to see and hear that you all are doing so good! I love the first pick of Ben napping...sleeping babies melt my heart every time.

Avery is such a ham...I love it!

Can't wait to try to come see you guys. Let me get with John on his schedule and I will be texting you soon!