Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Weekend: the Good and the Bad

Rob had a day off last Friday, so I decided to take the day off as well to take Avery to Blue Hole.  We knew it wasn't something Ben would enjoy at this age, so a Friday, when Ben could go to daycare, was the perfect day to go.

In theory.

In reality, we got a late start.  And it wasn't hot (it really needs to be hot because Blue Hole is ice cold).  Like, at all.   Strangest summer ever.


We went to Blue Hole once, two years ago, but of course Avery doesn't remember.  But we told her what it was, and she was excited.  She drew a picture:

Blue Hole

You can't go to Blue Hole without stopping at the Dairy Deal in Salina.  Fried everything.  And roadside watermelons across the street that are awesome.  Rob heckled me at first for spending $8 on a watermelon.  That was before he tasted it.

We enjoyed ourselves for a couple of hours in spite of the lack of blazing hot sun.  Avery jumped right in and it didn't seem to bother her, but she did point out that I was right.  
"It's ice cold, Mom, just like you said."

Little did we know that back at daycare, Ben was pretty sick and had a temperature of 105.  We raced back, but Mimi was closer than we were and brought some Motrin and held him until we got there.  We took him to urgent care where they checked him out and discovered an ear infection. 

He's had many ear infections, but never with a fever that high.  He definitely did not feel well.  Motrin kept his fever in check over the weekend, and he seemed alright.
I took Avery to a birthday party on Saturday.  She wanted to wear a boa in the car.  And that's how green feathers took over my car...

We had plans to go out to dinner for Pepaw's birthday Saturday night, and Mimi insisted she still wanted to watch the kids.  We had a very nice dinner celebrating Pepaw's birthday, and even though Ben wasn't 100% it sounds like he was alright.

He still had a temp on Sunday and Monday (Rob stayed home with him Monday) but I think he is much better today.
If you know Ben, you understand this is a rare scene.

So a good and not-so-good weekend.  Hoping for no more ear infections for a while (or ever)!

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