Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Circus and More Snow

On Saturday, Avery and Ben got to go to the circus with Mimi and Papa.  Avery was very excited.

As an added treat, they also got to spend the night.  Conveniently, Avery decided that she was going to do chores to earn a new toy while at Mimi's.

Back up.  A few weeks ago we were shopping for a birthday gift for a classmate and Avery wanted to get her a little Frozen toy.  The toy seemed pretty small and I wasn't too enthusiastic about getting another plastic toy that would likely get lost, broken, or thrown into the abyss of all the other toys…but maybe I was projecting.  I went ahead and got the toy, but we ended up finding something better for the birthday girl at another store, but Avery did not want me to return the original toy. Of course, she wanted it for herself.  I'm not big on buying toys, especially if it's not  a holiday or birthday or at least some sort of special occassion.  And, really, the last thing we need is more toys around the house.  Rob suggested Avery earn the toy by doing extra chores.  Two weeks went by.  We didn't initiate any chores and neither did she, but still the toy sat on the kitchen counter.  Suddenly, she decided she was going to complete the chores at Mimi's house.  Maybe it was strategy on her part, maybe she finally wanted to earn the toy.  Either way.

She was proud of herself.  

And she has been playing with this thing for several days straight.

We had some bad weather on Sunday, starting with sleet and ending with snow.  It was enough for the kids' school to close (they rarely close).  We weren't complaining, though.  I always enjoy a bonus day at home.  These two played endlessly and wreaked general havoc around the house.

We did bundle up and go outside for a bit.  Avery had been talking about making a snow angel forever, and had been regretting the fact that she didn't make one last time it snowed.

I think Ben would have stayed outside all day, and was not happy to come inside.  Snacks make everything better, though.

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