Monday, December 29, 2014

He's Baaaaaack

Ok, well by now he's actually gone.  Ahem.  I'm a little behind.

Hank came back on December 1st via USPS.  Or maybe just the mailbox.

He had a letter explaining how happy he was to be back with Avery and Ben for the month.   Avery remembered the rules about not touching Hank but she wasn't so sure Ben would abide by them.  She (very cleverly I might add) taped some pieces of construction paper end to end to Ben's height, and wrote a note to Hank warning him not to place himself below that level. 

She even left a snack for him one night.

I managed to capture some of his shenanigans over the course of the month.
Hanging from the garland with a stolen ornament

Stealing our bed.  Avery said "well, you're just gonna have to sleep on the couch tonight."

Reminding them to practice good hygiene

He created a table scape involving himself and the nutcrackers

Marshmallows with Olaf and Elsa

A note and two candy canes

He's very vain

A friendly reminder and a fruit snack hijacking

Avery concluded "he's in love."

Not the gingerbread house!

Not stealing Christmas here!

On Christmas Eve the doorbell rang and Hank was waiting on the porch with some pjs for the kids.
This is why...

Avery was pretty bummed that Hank had to go back to the North Pole but the excitement of Christmas Eve distracted her.  

It was fun having him around for the month. 

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