Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Things Part 1

Pajamas, hot chocolate, and looking at Christmas lights.  It's tradition.

Polar Express train/pajama day at school.  We kind of threw the train car together the night before but sister was so proud.

Pajamas (seeing a theme here?), popcorn, and Christmas movies.

Heading to see Santa.  But then Santa had a two hour wait...

At least I got this nice picture out of it!


Avery said something so funny and memorable during this experience (and if you've baked with kids you know it is an experience).  I had rolled out the dough and Ben-who had gotten the pizza cutter that goes with the play food-started slashing it across my freshly rolled dough.  I quickly intervened and said "oh, no no no.  We don't do that, buddy."  Avery said, "Mom, he just wants to help."  I said "oh, I know, honey, but" and she cut me off and said "just give him a chance."

Sometimes this girl is so much older than her 5 years.  And all the time she is looking out for her brother.

Almost the last day of school before Christmas break-party day!!

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