Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Closing out March

March was a blur for us.  Rob went to Las Vegas, Memaw passed, then I went to south Texas to visit our friends and love on their adorable kids.  The last week or two of the month was a return to normalcy more or less.

Avery continues to take gymnastics.  I can definitely see improvement and skill development.  She's  been working on her bridge, handstand, and cartwheel.  

It's nice to be outside again.  The temps are up and down but we've definitely had some warm days.  The kids LOVE playing outside.  

Avery turned in her first book report.  Lewis Carroll-none of that Disney stuff (which of course we love too).  Avery has really been into chapter books.  Ever since we read the first one, she became hooked.  So far we've read most of The Never Girls series, Ramona the Pest, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, most of the original Peter Pan, Frozen (junior novel), and probably another that I'm forgetting at the moment.

Avery got to go on her first field trip.  They went to the Jenks Aquarium and I was able to attend as a chaperone.  The kids had a blast.  They got to touch stingrays and starfish, feed turtles, and watch sharks in the shark tunnel.

These two continue to be partners in crime. They are always being silly or conspiring against the parental units (when they're not arguing over which movie to watch).

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