Thursday, April 23, 2015

Goodbye Training Wheels!

The whether is warming up and we're spending more time out walking and riding bikes.

Ben BLAZES on his balance bike.  It was time for the training wheels to come off for Avery, though! Ben was so happy to help his dad take off the training wheels.

She picked up on it pretty quickly.  We told that she would get better every night that she practiced.  She said "well, I can't wait until the 9th night!" Even though if she finds herself losing balance she can put her feet on the ground, she is still a bit intimidated.  She's working on it, though!

Ben likes to race up close to her and throw her off.  Ok...I don't know if that is his intention but it sure seems like it.

Lots of short little videos of the kids showing off their bike skills!

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