Monday, April 20, 2015

Easter 2015

We had a nice little Easter weekend, kicked off by egg decorating.  Ben was immediately intrigued but lost interest pretty quickly.  A few eggs were cracked in the interim.

Avery was my devoted egg-dyer until the end, long after her brother ran off.

Saturday was beautiful.  The kids love dining al fresco (aka, paper plates on the porch).  Less mess inside=secret win!

We joined our friends for an afternoon at the zoo.

I don't even know what was happening here.  I know there was an ice cream truck at the zoo exit.  And that Avery had relentlessly bugged us since she saw it on the way in.  And that we gave in.  Hence the sticky mouth, empty stick, and pink droplets on the harness.

The Easter Bunny was extremely stingy with the candy this year.  As in NO CANDY.  Then s/he (allegedly) felt a bit bad about not even bringing one chocolate bunny.  But then Mimi came through with chocolate bunnies and the bunny didn't feel so bad.

Super excited about princess bandages

Sally and Lightening: he didn't miss a chocolate bunny

These two clean up pretty well.

We had a nice day visiting all the family!  The kids filled up on chocolate.  We all filled up on good food.  There was egg hunting.  Another great weekend in the books!

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