Wednesday, November 18, 2015


This year Avery wanted to be a mermaid and I think Ben was just confused as to why I kept asking him what he wanted to "be" for Halloween.  Per usual, I had dreams of them in coordinating costumes but Ben had other plans.  My suggestions of a shark, Nemo, and various other sea creatures were all shot down.  A duck; he finally said he wanted to be a duck.  Ok.  A duck and a mermaid totally don't go together but whatever.  Sigh.  Children and their opinions.

But first.  A police officer.  Because we had that costume from last year.  Heading out for our neighbors' church trunk-or-treat.

Next up, a school day for Avery then my office trick-or-treating.

Our friends came over to trick-or-treat on Halloween.  We had a mermaid, a duck, a fireman, and a little dalmatian.  They were adorable. 

The kids quickly got the hang of it and there was PLENTY of candy to be had.  Ben's mouth was a revolving door for suckers all night.  And we still have a large bag of candy-ugh!  I think Rob and I are eating more than the kids.  

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