Thursday, November 19, 2015

Mini Kicker

Ben's last soccer practice was the last week of October.   The season ended differently than it began.  He really started participating more in the latter half of the season.  He seemed to enjoy the various activities such as red light/green light.  When it came to the actual game they played at the end of each practice, it all kind of fell apart, though.  He either didn't get what he was supposed to be doing, or he just didn't care.  Either way, he wasn't very involved in the games.  But he made great strides in other areas and seemed to have a good time.  He came a long way in two months in areas of participation, engaging with coaches, focus, etc.  He went from rolling in the grass half of the time to actually playing along.   We're proud of our little mini kicker!

Last huddle for mini kickers!

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