Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Avery's Disdain for All Things Vintage

Every once in a while the daycare will have a photographer come in and do photo shoots with the kids.  The parents are given proofs and can order prints of the pictures if they want.  Well, this photographer came equipped with YE OLD TIMEY PROPS and  COSTUMES.

Day 1 of shoot:  The teachers tell me Avery will have nothing to do with posing for the photographer.  He's coming back tomorrow and they're going to try again, right after breakfast, so hopefully her spirits will be higher.

Day 2 of shoot:  The teachers tell me Avery allowed them to get her dressed up but when the camera came out she lost it.  Now, I'd seen the sample poster by the entrance and I wanted to tell them that I understood.  But of course I smiled and said "Awww, that's too bad."

Well, yesterday the proofs were available.  And they did not disappoint.
This look says "I'm about to lose my cool, people.  Get me off of this vintage settee NOW!

Aaaaaand CUT!

In this one all composure has gone out the window.  But can you blame her?  It's all a very odd setup, in my opinion (but I know a lot of people love this stuff).  She probably had the foresight to see that if one of these pictures was even remotely cute, we would have ordered it.  Hence her (successful) act of sabotage.

One last thing:  did babies wear big, chunky necklaces in the Victorian Era???


Summer said...

She's clearly worried about the other dirty babies that have used these props before her. Heellooo did this photographer not get the memo? We're in the middle of a bed bug crisis, PEOPLE!

Did I ever tell you my ex, Dave, got lice from a raccoon hat on a set similar to this?

Monique&Rob said...

Fortunately I don't think Avery's hair could sustain lice, however, bed bugs-EEEEEEEK.

P.S. That.is.hilarious.

Lynn said...

OMG. Before I even clicked on the comments I am all, she's clearly perturbed because there are flesh eating bed bugs all over her 'vintage' dress. Clearly I am in overdrive about this bed bug situation. I'm thisclose to making my husband wear a trash bag to work.

Side note: I got lice from a hot pink cowboy hat I got at the fair when I was little. Bad news.

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Shannon said...

Did they have Coca-Cola in the Victorian Era??? I also had photos like these and can recall hating them. I also had some snazzy ones in a Western getup riding a rocking horse...hopefully A won't have to do that!!!