Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Baby Book Review-Avery's Picks

Over the last few months Avery has developed a love for reading (yessssssssssssssss).  She loves to look at books by herself and be read to.  If you ask her if she wants to read a book, she will find the perfect one and back up into your lap, plopping down with her book.  She is very opinionated about her books though and only wants to read certain ones-pushing aside, walking away, or slamming ones she isn't interested in.  She definitely has her favorites.

Sounds on the Farm
I got this one recently at a book fair at work.  It's really interactive and she loves to push the buttons to hear the animal sounds.

Great Grammer and Gramper got her this one and it's been a long-time favorite.  It has flaps and fuzz and fur and she loves to turn the pages.

I believe my mom got this one when I was pregnant.  It has bold colors and few enough words to hold her attention.

She liked the other one so much I picked this one up at TJ Maxx.  Another favorite.

All my love to whoever purchased this book (mwah!) but I have cursed you many times.  It's just pictures/names of animals but it's reeeeallly long.  I'm not ashamed to say I will try to get out of reading it.  One of my favorites is "Take it to Daddy.  He really wants to read it!"

The Browns got her this really neat book and she recently took a liking to it.  The "stitching" and other things on the pages are textured.  It's a cool book but does anyone else think nursery rhymes are just odd? 

Sometimes she wants to rush through this one and get to the last ladybug.  It's a really cute little book though.

Oddly enough she absolutely will not stand for even one page of the well-loved classic Goodnight Moon.

She has quite a few other books that we read a lot, but these seem to be her favorites right now.

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Erin said...

WHEW glad our book made the list!