Friday, September 3, 2010

Law of Eventuality

Those who continue to be bitten will eventually bite.

Or something like that.

Avery has crossed over to the dark side.  We received our first (hopefully only) bite notification yesterday.  She hadn't been bitten in several weeks as the main culprit was moved to another room, but she (we'll call her Hannahbal to protect her identity) was mysteriously back this week and is chomping on everyone. 

Avery apparently decided to take matters into her own hands.  When the teacher handed me the bite report yesterday I said "Oh, no! Avery, did you bite someone?!" and she cackled. 

So I really don't think she's one bit sorry. 


Summer said...

I say you crash that baby's birthday party and make Avery punch her. Or not. lol. I've never understood daycare's perpetual biters. That kid who bites everyone every damn day. It's weird. Sounds like the kid had it coming.

Elijah was bitten on the side once by the class "biter". Just once. I shudder to think of the commotion that went on with that situation. I didn't even ask for details. The teacher looked a bit shaken.

Lynn said...

I hate to encourage biting but good grief...but I'm kind of glad she finally defended herself!