Monday, January 24, 2011

Illness Lottery

Friday around lunchtime I got the dreaded call from daycare.

Avery has a fever.  She's not feeling well.

I wasn't too surprised as they'd told us a day or two before that a few kids in Avery's The Host's class were out with the flu or strep throat.  Great.

Friday afternoon she really didn't seem to be feeling well at all, but she perked up that evening after some ibuprofen.  Saturday morning, however, she was not good so we decided to take her to the urgent care near our house. 

The doctor heard her barking cough and immediately diagnosed her with croup.  He recommended a steroid shot for the croup and upper respiratory infection and she was tested for strep and the flu.  Being the overachiever that she is, she tested positive for both!   And home we went with antibiotics and baby Tamiflu.
Waiting on test results


When we got home I started popping leftover Tamiflu and antibiotics (yeah, I had leftover antibiotics).  Seeing as how my face had been coughed in approximately 84 times over the previous 24 hours, I figured my chances were pretty high of contracting something from The Host.  Sure enough I felt a little off Saturday night, and Sunday morning I woke feeling unwell.  Whatever I have is fairly mild compared to other cases of the flu or strep I've had in the past, so I know taking the medicine early definitely helped.

Needless to say our weekend was filled with sleeping, snuggling, Kleenex, soup, and staying inside.
Rob is home with her today and she seems to be feeling a lot better.  I'm sure she'll back back to normal tomorrow.

Edited to add: Avery did have a flu shot.  The doctor said the flu shot was a "miss" this year and lots of people who received the shot are getting the flu.  So there's that.


Summer said...

Poor Little Girl. I'm sorry she's so sick. I hope you feel better soon too.

Shannon said...

Ah poor A and you...hope you guys feel better. I've also heard that the flu shot only covers one strain, boo flu shots!!