Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Holidays 2010

Hello, 2011!

Kind of crazy, huh?

Well, the Thomas household enjoyed a long vacation.  Where do I start?

Rob and myself had the two days prior to Christmas off and we used them to finish up shopping, wrap gifts, and cook.  Christmas Eve we headed to Claremore for a delicious dinner and gifts. 

Christmas morning we opened gifts at home.  We did not go overboard on gifts this year.  And might I add-good thing as it took her about an hour and a half to open approximately five gifts!  She received a couple toys and several books and a stocking filled with bubble bath, raisins, barrettes, stickers, etc.  I think the raisins were her favorite gift.  No kidding.

After gift opening we headed to my mom's for brunch where we coaxed Avery into opening more gifts. 

The following Wednesday we went to Claremore to have pizza with Grammer and Gramper who had been out of town on Christmas.  By then she was starting to get the hang of opening presents.

We had a wonderful holiday weekend.  I think all the pictures show just how much this girl is loved (and very, very spoiled).  She may not realize it just yet, she is very lucky to have such wonderful grand and great-grand parents.  And Rob and I consider ourselves pretty lucky as well.

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