Monday, February 7, 2011


We had to take advantage of all the snow and take Avery sledding for the first time.  Rob tried to find a sled before the blizzard hit but didn't have much luck.  Saturday I was determined to take her sledding somehow, so we headed out to the small hill by our neighborhood pool with the plastic lid to an over-sized plastic storage container.  It worked well for Avery, but then a neighbor offered his sled, so Rob was able to go with her.  She actually really liked it! 


Summer said...

I don't know which was cuter, Avery smiling and laughing OR Rob saying "You're coookin'." That. Was. Awesome.

Erin said...

DIVA! Love the glasses and hat look...she is a real snow bunny! And it is funny that your video was 31 seconds and Rob's was 12 seconds!

She looked like she had a lot of fun! Mine were sick so no snow fun for us :(