Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas 2011

Christmas just gets better every year.   We had so much fun this year.  Avery is really at a fun stage.   She's too young to really get it.  Too young to make a long Christmas list or anything like that.  She asked for one thing this year, a flashlight, and we even sort of planted that idea (maybe Santa will bring you a flashlight) since she loves Rob's huge Maglites.

We celebrated Christmas Eve at Gigi and Pepaw's.  We had a great evening eating and exchanging gifts.

Trying on her slippers

Getting some help from Daddy

Tea party with Pepaw


We got home that night just in time to set out some candy canes for Santa (no time to make cookies) and carrots for the reindeer.  The first thing she said when she came into our room Christmas morning was "the candy canes are gone and the carrots are BWOKEN!"

We opened some presents

Had some hot chocolate
Opened more presents

Had some fruit

Opened the stockings

Arthur with the fruits of his stocking

After opening our gifts we got dressed and headed to Mimi's for brunch.


More present


Singing.  Sort of.

Afterwards we went home and relaxed in a sea of wrapping paper and new toys.  Avery is such a lucky girl.  She has so many people that love her so much and shower her with love, affection, and gifts.  We certainly enjoyed spending time with family seeing Avery enjoy herself.  We couldn't have had a better Christmas.

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