Monday, January 9, 2012


2011 was a fun year for us.

In January...well it appears nothing of note occurred in January.  Big shock as it is the worst.month.ever.

In February we had the great blizzard of 2011.

In March we went to Mexico.

In April went to Kansas City.

In May Avery turned 2 and Rob completed his MBA.

In June we welcomed summer and had lots of fun in the sun and we celebrated Dad.

In July we went to Tiki Island with good friends.

In August Avery started pre-school and we installed new floors.

In September we kicked off football season with friends and enjoyed the last days of summer.

In October Avery went to the fair for the first time and Halloween was celebrated several times over.

In November we kicked of the holiday season with Thanksgiving.

In December we met Santa and had a wonderful Christmas.

Avery has changed so much over the last year (as I'm sure she will every year until, like, forever).  She has become such a big girl.  Her vocabulary surprises me on the regular.  She knows shapes, colors, and can count to about 20 (things get hazy around 14).  She likes to joke (is that FUNNY Mama?).  She likes to read and do puzzles.  She's very sweet, shy, and a little sensitive.  She loves Dora and Minnie.  She is quasi-potty trained.

We can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for our family.

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