Friday, August 17, 2012

Freezer Meals Follow-up

Back in June I made several freezer meals to use after Ben's arrival.  We made the last of them this week so I thought I'd follow up regarding how they turned out.

First of all, these came in extremely handy.  These lasted a while because we cooked or grilled other things on the weekends and usually even ate those leftovers through Monday.  We also had some very kind people bring us meals the first week or so we were home.  So that's why these freezer meals lasted 7 weeks.

Teriyaki Chicken: meh, this was ok.  Not bad but we probably wouldn't make this again.

Chicken Cacciatore: also just ok.

Santa Fe Chicken: this was good. We've made this before and we'll probably make it again.

Spaghetti Sauce: this was good. Rob really liked this because it was very thick and not runny. Apparently this is the downfall of spaghetti sauces, according to him.

Sausage and Peppers: wouldn't make this again.

Pulled Pork: I ended up making Melissa D'Arabian's recipe.  It was easy and pretty good! Not as good as pork made in the oven or on the smoker, in my opinion, but good.

My mom also made us three meals, two of which we have in the freezer and will eat this week and next.  After that, I guess we're back to making dinner every night! Boo.

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