Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Funny Girl

Yesterday evening we went for a walk and I picked up a home flyer for a house for sale (nosy) which Avery had quite a good time "reading."  

While I was getting dinner ready she was having quite the heated phone (one-sided) conversation with her Mimi.  

"OMG, Mimi.  O.M.G.  JEEZ.  UGH." 

slams play phone down

Unfortunately I didn't have my phone handy to get the conversation on video and I only got the very tail end.  

Seriously?  Three going on thirteen.  This scares me.

*I honestly do not know where she picked up OMG or such dramatic phone conversations.  Not from me. I talk on the phone pretty much never. And even if I do, well, I'm 32 not 12.

And yesterday, her teacher said she told her friend Coen "awww, stop being so silly.  Just give it up."

She is funny girl.  Her attitude is starting to scare me a bit, though.

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