Tuesday, August 7, 2012


Just some pictures to show what we've been up to lately.
Classroom door decorated for the Olympics

Ben and I are just hanging out during the day.  Between doctor's appointments, errands, house work (the laundry!), and the occasional lunch date we stay pretty busy.  I can't help but wonder how I'll fit it all in after I go back to the office, but I'm sure it'll work out (with much busier evenings and weekends).  One of the nice things about being home during the day is that I get the house straightened up, laundry done, errands done, and something arranged for dinner (we've been using our freezer meals) so the evenings are somewhat free to actually hang out and relax.

During the day, Ben doesn't really have any set schedule.  Some days he naps a lot, other days not much at all.  He still sleeps well at night.  In fact, last night he slept the entire night!  We're still trying to figure out what a good bedtime is for him.  I hesitate putting him down too early, but it seems that if we wait until after 8:00 he gets overtired and very cranky.  It took a while to get him to sleep last night (I think it was after 8:30), but much to my surprise I woke up on my own at 6:20 this morning after a full night's sleep.  He didn't wake up until around 7:30.  I kind of expect that to be an isolated incident at this point, but of course I'll be happy if it's not!

Avery has been learning her days of the week and months at school.  She moves to her official pre-k 3 class on August 20th.  She said she wants to stay in the "yellow" room and she doesn't want to move.  Hopefully most of her buddies will move with her so it won't be too much of a transition.

I start to work from home for the next six weeks on Friday.  Not a whole lot will change for me during the day other than I'll be tied to the house a bit more.  My company only offers six weeks of paid leave, so I'm lucky to have the opportunity to be at home with Ben for twelve weeks but not miss out on any pay.  I did the same thing with Avery and it worked out nicely.

We're going to enjoy the next few days of complete freedom and somewhat cooler temps!

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