Tuesday, October 16, 2012

5th Anniversary Weekend

Friday night I went to a craft party at Summer's.  I attempted to make a coffee filter wreath but it was sort of a fail.  I won't go into it, but several hot glue burns later it's in the trash.  BUT, it was super fun and well worth the wasted coffee filters and loss of skin!

Saturday was our 5th anniversary and also the OU/Texas game.  Mimi had asked to keep Avery for the day/night so Ben, Rob, and I went to Lynn and Drew's to watch the game.  Ben's first OU/Texas was a good one with OU winning by about 40 points.

Some friends were there with their twin girls who are about 5 months old.  They were so cute but as you can see Ben wasn't interested-well, he wasn't interested in being on the floor.  What were we thinking?!

Instead of trying to go out for dinner we decided to stay in and try to replicate our favorite meal from Fleming's.  Rob did all the work and it turned out amazing.

He made Fleming's potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and filets.  The pictures don't really do it justice-it was so, so good.  We didn't exchange gifts because we're going on vacation next month, but Rob delivered some beautiful flowers to my office on Friday.  

Sunday we decided to carve pumpkins.  We have a book of Sesame Street character designs, and Avery chose The Count (the most difficult one).  Rob takes his pumpkin carving verrrrry seriously.  There were some tense moments.  He also did an (easier) devil.  Or, as Avery was calling it, a buffalo (??).   They turned out great.

We carved them pretty early, so they probably won't last until Halloween-especially with the warm weather we've had.  We  might do another one in a week or two.  And by "we" I of course mean Rob. Hahahaha.

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