Wednesday, October 3, 2012

3 Months

Ben was three months old last Saturday. What a big guy he's getting to be!

He doesn't have another appointment until 4 months so I have no idea what he weighs. He's definitely still fitting into 0-3 clothes, though I can see 3-6 in the near future.

He sleeps through the night (and then some). He's recently started sleeping 11-12 hours without waking up. Which is AMAZING.

He is solely on breast milk. My next goal is to make it to 6 months. Ideally I'd love to continue through cold and flu season so we'll see. We'll look to introduce solid foods in a couple months or when he seems ready.

He can hold his head up but it still gets pretty bobble-y at times. He's not ready for the Bumbo or jumperoo quite yet but maybe in a couple of weeks. He can bear weight on his legs. No rolling or anything. He doesn't spend much time on the floor because, well, he doesn't like to be put down. I know, I know. They say you can't spoil a newborn, but what about a 3 month old? Daycare insists they're going to help me out with that. He really does need to spend more time on the floor developing his muscles and working on grasping, rolling, head control, and so on.

Ben is such a sweet little guy. He gives the biggest smiles and is really working on laughing. He loves to watch Avery and lights up when he sees her.

We love you, Benny!

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Summer said...

He is such a sweetie.