Monday, October 29, 2012

Ben 4 Months

13lbs 3.5oz (18%)
24.5 inches long (35%)
17 inch head circumference (75%)

The bigger the head, the bigger the brain, right??

The doctor said he was perfect.

He's such a sweet and happy guy. He always has a big smile (as long as you don't put him down). He loves to be held and to look in the mirror.

He wears some 0-3, some 3-6 month clothes.  Lots of drool and chewing on his hands but no teeth yet.

He bats at toys and can grab on to some things (my hair, specifically). He loves to coo and talk and squeal.

He sleeps great. Sometimes he wakes up once, sometimes not at all.

So far he has only ever had breast milk but the doctor said we could start solids between now and 6 months. I don't see a rush. We'll probably wait until at least 5 months.

He is such a sweet guy. We adore him and are having so much fun watching him grow.

*I'll update with better pictures from the camera later.

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