Monday, October 22, 2012

Sniffles & Smiles

Thursday Ben started a little stuffiness and coughing.  We sent him to daycare on Friday (if kids didn't go to school/daycare when they had a runny nose they might as well shut them down) and his teacher called around noon and said that he'd had several nasty diapers that morning.  So I picked him up and took him to the doctor and she said he's fighting his first little cold and that he did have an ear infection in one ear.

Here we go...

Avery has had so many ear infections since she was born.  Her doctor broached the subject of putting tubes in her ears before she turned two, but they seemed to clear up that summer.  She does still get them, but they are actually asymptomatic (she has never once indicated that her ear hurt) and not as frequent.  Looks like Ben is heading down that road since the first sign of stuffiness or a sniffle was Thursday and by Friday he had an ear infection.  They don't seem to be bothering him, as he is pretty happy.  Thursday night he didn't sleep well but I think that was because he couldn't breathe.  Friday he was not as smiley as usual and pretty sleepy.  We snuggled on the couch Friday afternoon and he slept solid that night.  By Saturday he seemed much happier.  The only issue is that he will not take the medicine.  We have tried a few ways to get him to swallow it and he spits it right out.  I called the doctor today and she is calling in another type of antibiotic for him that tastes like strawberries (he has  never had a strawberry so how this will appeal to him is yet to be seen...).

Yesterday, Avery started sniffling too so it looks like they're sharing their first little sickness.  Regardless, both were happy as clams this weekend.

We've been sitting Ben in his Bumbo seat for a little bit here and there.  He's doing pretty good but still bobbles a bit.


Saturday Rob made his annual brisket feast and we watched the OU game.

Sunday we went to a birthday party.  Avery had so much fun.  She got to decorate a cupcake and play in a Jupiter Jump so she was pretty happy.

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