Thursday, November 29, 2012

5 Monthday and Dad's Birthday


I've typed this post three times today and its been deleted.

I just can't...

So I'm going to make this short(ER).

Ben is 5 months today and shares his monthday with Dad's birthday.

Here's what Ben has been up to the past month:


Eating-breast milk. Lots of it. About to start solids soon.

Squealing and shrieking and blowing raspberries (watch out if you're nearby-you'll get a shower).

Playing on his mat, bouncing in his jumper, sitting in his Bumbo.

Smiling and laughing.

Avery is still an awesome sister. She loves to show Ben off to her classmates. She stands by his car seat saying "isn't he cute?" And it's not a rhetorical question either. She's not satisfied until someone acknowledges his cuteness.




Apple head


We love him dearly.

And happy birthday to daddy.

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