Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

I may start a petition for Halloween to always be on a Friday.  Halloween in the middle of the week just isn't right.

So (obviously) this was Ben's first Halloween and he (obviously) had no clue what was going on but of course we dressed him up and dragged him around nonetheless.

Avery was Dorothy and Ben was the Cowardly Lion.  I honestly don't think most people put two and two together ("Oh, Dorothy.  And look, a little lion!") but it was cute.

Avery had trick-or-treating at school.  There were lot of cute little ninjas, pirates, SWAT guy (not a policeman, I was corrected), etc.

Checking out Coen's Plex costume

I picked Avery and Ben up in the afternoon and brought them to my office.  Avery was deathly afraid of the decorations ("scary skeleton") in the first department we went to and was very gun-shy from then on.  She passed up candy in many departments, saying "I've got a lot of treats already."  Which was perfectly fine with me-I knew we'd have more candy than we knew what to do with anyway-but WEIRDO, right?

My coworkers were trying to coerce her to take pieces of candy and finally got her to take a few for "mom and dad."  One of my coworkers offered her a little plastic Halloween ring and she was all "No thanks, I've got a lot of rings at home."

Pretty sure I won't ever have to worry about my kid taking candy from a stranger!

We took a few pictures once we got home.

We planned to go trick-or-treat around the neighborhood for a bit.  Since our neighborhood is still developing there wasn't too many houses to go to.  Avery was a little disappointed.  She wanted to go to at least ten houses (that was a goal she set for herself).  I wasn't sure she was really going to do the whole ring the doorbell, say "trick or treat" stuff by herself but she did.   A couple of houses told her to go ahead and take more than one piece of candy to which she would reply "that's ok, I'll get more at other houses."

She cracks me up.

After a sugar-feuled power struggle at bedtime she finally went to sleep, but got up a few times in the night.  I think she still had sugar running through her veins.

And a little (very dark) video.

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