Friday, November 9, 2012


There's a lot things floating around the interwebz lately about being thankful. And while I have so many things to be thankful for, I am especially thankful for my children's health. We are so fortunate that all that we have plaguing us is the cough and runny noses that just.won't.quit (seriously, going on a month now).

In addition to their health, they are also both smart (we know that Ben will be based on the size of his head). Yes, this post is basically an excuse to brag about my kids.

Ben has started grabbing toys. And he rolled over once last week (belly to back) but I haven't got him to do it again. His teacher said he is very close to rolling from back to belly, which I have also seen at home. He gets to his side.

Avery now knows all 12 months and can recite them (in order) in addition to the days of the week, which she's known for a while. This seems very grown to me.

She has now decided she doesn't want her picture taken, ever, which clearly interferes with my agenda. Not only that, she doesn't want me taking Ben's picture either. Too bad, girl. You may be able to run from me but he can't!

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