Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ben 7 Months

I'm 7 months old already? Are you kidding me??

Sweet Ben.  He is such a lovey.

He loves to hug and cuddle and be held.  He is very happy being carried around.  He is getting better about sitting on the floor and playing.  He sits unassisted quite well.  He can pick up toys, pass them from hand to hand, and of course put them in his mouth.   He is nowhere near crawling because he won't stay on his stomach (more on that later).

He has slept great the past two nights.  I'm not particularly superstitious but I hate to speak of it...

He is eating a variety of food, mostly purees.  So far he seems to like everything and isn't too picky.

I am 99% done nursing.  I'm happy to have made it 7 months.  I really wish I could have made it a little bit longer but my body seemed to be finished.  It's a little bittersweet.  Part of me is fine being done and part of me is a little sad.  He is getting about six 5 ounce bottles a day plus two servings of solids.  He should be growing into that head at a good pace now.

I'm not sure exactly how much he weighs...probably about 16 pounds.  He wears mostly 6 month clothes.

He thinks Avery is about the funniest person on the planet.  Avery can't stand for him to cry or fuss.  She yells "GUYS! Pick up my baby brother, please!"

We absolutely adore our sweet Benny.  I kind of wish he wasn't growing so fast though.

 Also, this is what Ben does when you put him on his stomach.  He can roll over by himself but he doesn't because why would he do that when he doesn't want to be there???

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