Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Boot, Ballet Slippers, & the Super Bowl

Wednesday already?! Guess I should be thankful it's one day closer to the weekend:)

Catching up from the weekend:

Avery and I went to a wedding shower on Saturday. 

Looking cute in her boots

She was excited to go and I like getting out of the house and getting some one on one time with her.

As usual we did some lounging around.  

Sunday we went to a friend's house that was getting rid of some kids' clothing.  She happens to have a 4 year old girl and a 1 year old boy so I found some things for both A and B!  She kindly passed on her daughter's old leotards and ballet slippers.  The leotards fit her pretty well if not a tiny bit big but the slippers fit like a glove.  

I'm thinking someone needs to get into a dance class, asap.

She added another dress to her collection a la Mimi.

We went to a Super Bowl party Sunday evening.  Ben wore his Team USA outfit.  I still couldn't tell you who was in the Super Bowl BUT we had fun.  Avery enjoyed playing with the kids-Olivia is almost 3, Grayson is 3, Claire and Koen are 1 so Ben is the youngest.

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