Monday, February 11, 2013

Ledge Shelves, Kites, Sunshine, & Valentines

What is going on with the weather?! Saturday was rainy and freezing.  I ran some errands but I don't think the kids left the house all day.

Rob finished up a project I found on Pinterest.  Rob just loves that I find things on Pinterest for him to make!  He even came up with a t-shirt idea:

Pinterest: Ruining Men's Free Time Since 2010.

I think he might be on to something.

Anyway, I found these shelves on Pinterest and thought, hey, Rob could make those (never I could make those)!  Tutorial found here

And just as I planned, he did a great job.  More pictures later.  But Avery helped paint.

Ben and I stayed inside where it was warm.

It was a hot chocolate kind of day.

Saturday night we made pizza and Aunt Lynn came over.

Sunday morning the shelves were dry and Rob hung them.   I think they turned out so well!  I love them and I think they're a great way to display books that otherwise get shoved in the toy/bookcase.

I took Avery to Target to pick out some Valentine cards for her friends.  We got special treats at Starbucks (mental note: put juice box from home in purse next time so as to avoid the $2 juice box at Starbucks).

She wanted to address all the cards herself.  She did such a good job.  I told her how to spell all the kids' names (obviously) except for Coen (she already knew how to spell his name somehow).

It was pretty nice on Sunday although windy.  Avery and Rob got the kite out and had fun with that for a while.

Ben napped and looked very sweet doing so.

I took the kids to Riverparks since it was so nice.  Rob had to stay close to home since he was on call but my mom met us there.  It was pretty chilly and windy by the river but Avery had a great time running around.

Hands chilly? Just put them in your pocket.
My mom put them in there and he kept them like that.

A super nice, quiet weekend!

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