Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Weekend Happenings

We were supposed to get a "blizzard" last night...pffft.  Didn't happen.  I would love a mini blizzard that would trap us all inside...for about 1 day.

Anyway.  Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

We had a nice weekend.  Rob went out of town so it was just the kids and I.

We went to a birthday party on Saturday.  We had...fun?  I don't know.  Avery becomes so clingy at parties.  Like, won't go play, won't talk to anyone, etc.  We really encourage her to play and participate, but if she's not having it she just...won't.  Complete opposite of the girl I see running around like a wild person when I pick her up from school.  I know, that's her element.  And there have been parties where she did run off and play.  It just seems like lately she hasn't.  I'm just not sure how to encourage her and make her feel comfortable but at the same time not coddle her.   I want her to be herself (a sweet girl who is a bit shy) but be brave and play with new people when she's not in her element.

Having fun in the bounce house...after all the other kids got out.  Yeah, she wanted to get in but would.not get in even though there were some sweet little girls asking her to come in and jump with them.  sigh 


Resting after the party

Having dinner

Ben is really working on finger foods.  We have tried puffs, pieces of toast, peas, pieces of banana, etc.  He tries, but doesn't have his pincer grasp down just yet. He can pick up pieces of food, but they usually get closed in his little fist which makes the transfer to the mouth a bit difficult.

Sunday we ran to Target for a few things while Ben stayed at Gigi and Pepaw's (our new neighbors!).

I thought my 3 year old knew better than to lick the shopping cart handle.  Nope!  Next, we're off to lick some public doorknobs and escalator rails!

Rob came home (finally!;)) and we went to my mom's for lunch.

Nice weekend with family:)

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