Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

Happiest baby on the block.

And his silly sister

Rob and I got a night out on Saturday.  We had a late Valentine's dinner and then out for a while with friends.
Sunday we went to Elijah's birthday party.

We've just been plugging along this week.  Some things of note:

Ben snatched some kale out of my hand and started (trying to) eat it.  He looked like a little turtle.

He got a new car seat.  The infant carrier was getting way too heavy to lug around (for me anyway). He hasn't outgrown it, so we're still using it in one car, and got another seat for my car.  Avery also got a new seat for Rob's car.

Ben also had a tooth break through on the top. This kind of makes me sad.  I really love his little two-tooth grin.  He's getting too big.

Who eats their green beans before their spaghetti.  Who does that?
Actually, I do it too.

Surprised shark.

Snowy morning.  It only took until February to get any accumulation of snow.

It is hard to find a hood that will fully cover that head.

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