Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Avery's First Camping Trip

We took advantage of the incredible weather and took Avery on a little campout Saturday night (Ben stayed with Mimi).  It was technically not real camping (according to Rob) because there were actual campsites, other people around, grills, etc.

But camping is camping.  And Avery loved it.  She really had an awesome time.  She was into helping with everything from collecting wood to setting up the tent to starting the fire (she wanted to sleep by the fire, and said it would be fine because she doesn't snore so she wouldn't put out the fire).
Setting up the tent

Bubbles in the sunshine

Feet in the water

Greenleaf Lake

Snake skin

Starting the fire

Kabobs from Reasor's-perfect camping food

Weenie roast

We didn't bring enough blankets (and we lost the dew cover for our tent) and we froze.  Avery was fine, I think, because she had a new sleeping bag.  Rob and I were not so lucky.

We saw a deer, found a snakeskin, roasted hot dogs, made smores.  I think it was a pretty good camping trip!

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