Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rite of Passage

I went out of town this weekend for a quick girls weekend at the lake.

On Saturday I got a text from Rob.

Avery gave haircuts to the ponies and herself!  

with accompanying photos:

My mind processed Avery gave haircuts to the ponies (My Little Ponies of course).

I don't understand what I thought I saw.  My mind only saw pony hair.

Haha I replied.

Rob thought I was taking it well.

Imagine my surprise when I walked in Sunday morning.

"Mom, I made a mistake."

Avery: do you like my hair?

Me: well...I liked the way it was before.

Avery: why are you crying?

Me:  I'm just...surprised.   I think we're going to need to go see Papa today.

I know.  It's just hair.  I know it'll grow back.  I know.  But...it's just, our kids are somewhat follicularly challenged.  Their hair doesn't exactly grow like weeds.  This could take a while.  And if it was just the back, it wouldn't have been bad.  But the front?  Not gonna lie, it's not awesome.

Rob said she was pretty upset on Saturday.  She thought everyone was going to be mad at her.  No one beat her up about it-she beat herself up enough.  Although she understood when Dad took her scissors away (she had a pair of safety scissors at her coloring table that she had been instructed to only use on paper).

He says I can have them back when I'm 5 or 6.  That's a long time away...maybe when I'm 5?

Papa evened it up.

Much better.
Headbands are our friend.

Monday morning we went to the bathroom to brush her teeth and fix (ha) her hair, like usual.  She gave herself a funny look in the mirror.

I look crazy, she said.  I don't look pretty anymore.

No.  You are beautiful.  It doesn't matter what your hair looks like.  You are pretty on the inside and the outside.

No pony tail came out unscathed.

I'm kind of glad I was out of town on Saturday.  Who knows what may have happened to me.


It'll grow.  In the meantime.  Headbands.

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