Wednesday, January 22, 2014

18 Month Appointment & Changes

Ben had his 18 month checkup last Friday.

He is a healthy boy, which we already knew!  His weight is in the 24th %, his height the 34th %, and his head circumference the 88th % (the doctor pointed out, "a personal record"-hahahaha).  He got three shots, which knocked him down on Friday evening.

He did find strength to make faces at the camera, though.

Saturday he was feeling better and up to his old tricks.

Rob basically worked the entire weekend, either shut in the office at home or at his actual office.  I tried to entertain the kids while not completely tearing up the house (impossible).  At the store, and I got the kids a cookie to share from the bakery.

Ben didn't want his half after one bite.  He tried to feed it to his sister.

Building towers

"More." Ben doesn't understand that he only gets ONE gummy vitamin.

Ben (and I) had a friend over on Saturday evening.  Ben and Mark are only 6 weeks apart.  They had fun playing together.  Avery really had fun being the ringleader.
Mark wearing one of Avery's headbands

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went to lunch and the park with Mimi.

I tried to keep the outside as long as possible in the afternoon and evening.

We're ready for warmer weather.

At dance on Monday evening, I realized how long Avery's hair is getting again.  I can actually start doing more stuff with it.

I started Weight Watchers on Monday and so far it is going great!  I am not having any problems staying within my points.  I haven't had to change my diet drastically, just my snacking and overeating.

Monday's dinner, only 5 points!
2 oz grilled chicken, 1/2 c. rice pilaf, broccoli,
and 1/2 baked sweet potato, plain

Both of the kids are having some changes at school this week. On Monday, they called and asked for our blessing to move Ben up to the next class. The felt like he was bored, and ready to move to a class with a little bit older kids, new challenges, things, etc.  I guess he transferred easily over there Monday afternoon (or mid-morning, I'm not sure which), as he has spent some time in that classroom before, but Tuesday and today's drop off in there did not go so great.   He has cried both days.  I try to comfort/distract him for a few minutes, but I can't linger too long (it won't make it any better when I leave).  The teachers are great-Avery has been in both of their classes before too-and step in to comfort him, so I know he's in good hands.  It's just hard to leave him crying.  Hopefully by next week he'll have adjusted.

Avery has a new teacher starting today.  Her previous teacher quit a couple weeks ago (not sure what the story was).  This lady started earlier in the week and has been shadowing in their classroom, but today was her first day with the kids alone. Avery seemed fine with it this morning-she told me yesterday that she loved Miss D.

Happy Wednesday!

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