Friday, January 3, 2014

Ben, 18 Months

This past Sunday Ben turned 18 months old.  Poor guy has really not been feeling great lately-probably the past two weeks or so.  In spite of that, he has still been making us laugh (and sometimes making us pull our hair out) and amazing us with all the new things he does.

As far as his vocabulary, I'm not exactly sure how many words he has as I'm not one to keep track, but off the top of my head:


Avee (Avery)



Packi (paci)


Orse (horse)

Arfur (Arthur)

Backy (vacuum)




Sauce (applesauce)

Mi (milk)

Maw (more)

Orge (orange)

Airpane (airplane)

Appy (open)

Soovie (smoothie)


And lots more that he will repeat if you ask him.

He is busy, busy, busy.  Into everything (still).  He can climb onto the couch, climb stairs, and step onto the step stool.  He can also climb to the top of the play area at Chick fil A (I learned this lesson the hard way).

He can feed himself with a spoon (it's messy).

He loves to be outside.

He is obsessed with the vacuum, and while the one he got for Christmas is pretty cool, it's not quite as cool as the real thing.

He loves to watch cars, trucks, trains, airplanes, or construction work.

He is ornery and knows when he is doing something he isn't supposed to do, such as:

pulling toilet paper off the roll

playing in Arthur's water bowl

turning up the volume or messing with the stereo

and when you catch him, he shrieks gleefully.  He also loves to knock down things that his sister has build with blocks or Legos, or tear up something she has colored.  And he likes to pull hair.

He is curious and loves to see how things work.

He loves to sleep and takes solid naps and never has a problem going to bed.

He still loves his ducky and packi (paci), which we typically only allow him to have in the crib, but since he wasn't feeling well over the holidays he got it much more.

He gives hugs and kisses if he is so inclined.  Actual hugs around the neck (adorable).

We recently turned his carseat forward facing and I love seeing his face in the rear-view.

Unsure about the car wash

He's recently starting feeding Arthur.

He has a pretty short attention span, but he will sit down and read books (short ones).  He can flip through a book by himself, and has a few favorites which all include either touch/feel pages or trucks/cars/airplanes. He has no desire to watch tv at all.

He will follow one command (if he feels like it), such as "bring that to me" or "put that back, please."

He's hilarious and keeps us all laughing.

We love you, Benny, and can't wait to see you grow over the next year!!

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