Thursday, January 2, 2014

Avery's Christmas Program

The pre-k and K classes at Avery's little school performed a Christmas program the week before Christmas.  Rob and I headed in with much anticipation and excitement so see Avery's first program.  So the classroom was of course very crowded with other parents, and when the kids filed in Avery was standing on the complete opposite corner of the room.  So, we didn't have a great view of her.

The kids sang several Christmas songs complete with hand motions.  Avery, ahem, didn't look too thrilled to be up there.  She was definitely trying to hide in the background:)  But we were proud of her for remaining up there (one little kid burst into tears and ran off, another stood there crying-it was cute, but I'm sure they were scared).

I got several videos but it's really hard to see Avery.  She behind the girl in the polka-dot dress, on the far right.  I'm honestly not sure if she even sang:)  Some of her friends are definitely little hams though.

Afterwards, she was pretty excited.
Now she's all smiles!

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