Monday, March 17, 2014

Bikes & Trikes

Spring is definitely teasing us around here! We've had 80 degrees and 30 degrees within a few days.

Ben is incredibly happy outside.  If he's not outside, he is usually asking to go outside.  Avery likes to be outside too, she just not as passionate about it as Ben.  We take advantage of nice weather whenever possible, needless to say!

While tinkering in the garage, Ben found these earbuds in my car.  Rob and I can't figure out how he immediately knew what they were as neither of us wear earbuds at home (I have them in my car for the gym).  It's so fun to see him figure out new things.

A storm moved in on Saturday, and brought some pretty yucky weather for the rest of the weekend.  Avery got a little bike riding in before it started raining.

Ben is just dying to ride everything.  We really, really need to get him another trike. 
This Radio Flyer trike is horrible!! We thought since it is the "classic" trike it would be the best one.  No.  Something about the way the seat it positioned…it puts all the weight in the front, making it very front-heavy.  Especially for Ben, who likes to get on it and push himself along with his feet…he hasn't flipped over the front of it yet, but it makes me nervous every time he gets on it.  And aside from getting rid of it, which we probably need to do, there's no way to keep him off of it.  The way he stops every so often and dings the little bell is adorable though.
And then he thinks he's real big.

Avery still likes to ride the trike sometimes, too, although we encourage her to ride her bike.  We've been getting her used to the idea of taking her training wheels off.  On Saturday she finally said "take them off." We made her put on the helmet.  She was ready.  Or she thought she was...

Ben was eager to help with the tools.  Rob went over the rules.  

It didn't take long for her to ask for them to be put back on.  Rob put them back on but raised them so they're only there as support if she teeters one way or another.  We'll keep working on it!

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