Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday'd Out

This weekend was a blur!  A little housekeeping was necessary on Friday night.  Ben cannot get enough "vaccy."  Hopefully we're raising a tidy little man, but it might be that he just likes the noise.  We did used to set it next to the swing when he was a little baby to get him to sleep.

We hit the road Saturday morning and headed to Moore for Declan and Rearden's 3rd birthday.

Avery and Ben really enjoyed themselves and it was nice catching up with friends and seeing how much all the kids have grown.

Avery had about 90 seconds of sticking to my side and saying she was scared, but she soon joined in and started having fun.  I was very proud of her and told her so later.  I completely understand that new situations and people can be intimidating, and I love that she found the confidence to jump in and play with kids she doesn't really know!

When the party was over we headed back to Tulsa for the next birthday party.  Avery's friend from school was having his birthday at-yep-a bounce place.
This was the party for Avery's future husband.  They're getting married on her "5 birthday."  When I asked her what we should get him as a gift she replied "a handsome shirt for our wedding on my 5 birthday."  He told his mom they are going to have 4 children: 2 boys and 2 girls.  Too bad they won't go to the same school after this year.  Or is it…?

Pizza time

Twirling her hair

Again, she had a great time.  Then she and Ben got to spend the night at Gigi & Pepaw's  while Rob and I attended Summer's birthday celebration.

It was definitely a day of fun and excitement for the kids!  Sunday was spent shopping, adjusting to the time change (maybe that was just Rob and I), and playing outside.  We are definitely going to appreciate that extra hour of daylight!

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