Friday, May 9, 2014

A's 5th Birthday Day

We took half a day off work to take Avery to do something fun.  She wanted to go to the Children's Discovery Museum but they were closed for an exhibit change, so we went to the zoo instead.  The zoo has a new dinosaur exhibit (which terrified Avery).  She wasn't afraid to ride a real, live camel but pretend dinosaurs?  No way.

After the zoo I asked Avery if she would like to go get a pedicure (ulterior motive alert).  I tried to take her once before but she chickened out.  For some reason, she thought it was going to hurt (hot water or something).  But she told me she is five now and isn't scared of anything (except those dinosaurs).  She was indeed a big girl and sat through the whole thing.  She has now decided she loves them (I told her she might want to get a part-time job).

After dinner we let her see her main birthday gift from us as well as the grandparents.

She was very excited.

It has a phone inside so the first thing she did was call Brody, her "boyfriend."

"House size doesn't matter, Brody."

We got a terrifying glimpse of 10 years into the future.  Avery calling her boyfriend. Ben stealing the phone from her.

Avery's request for dinner: shrimp and macaroni and cheese (I suggested the broccoli).

We made cupcakes (the remaining went to her classmates today).

After dinner she opened a couple of gifts.

I'd say she had a pretty nice day!  And we did too.

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