Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Weekend

We spent lots of time outside-even in the rain on Monday!

Ben is learning to actually pedal the trike.

And is attempting more daring feats-on the Barbie jeep no less (his dad encouraged this, by the way).
Avery and I did a little shopping on Saturday morning before heading to Gigi and Pepaw's.

Couldn't resist a 50% off red, white, and blue Hello Kitty suit

The pool isn't 100% ready yet, but Avery wasn't bothered by that small detail.

Picking honeysuckle

Avery loves roly-poly's.  She tries to capture every one she finds, deeming each one her "very own pet" (much to their dismay, no doubt).

I think Ben is getting his molars in.  He won't let me look, and I'm not going to stick my fingers in and check as I highly value my digits, but he was pretty crabby with a temp and decreased appetite.  We managed to get some smiles, though.

Doing work at their desk 
Taking important calls

Monday brought quite a bit of rain, which made for more vibrant chalk and puddles for jumping.

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